The OTC Network is a high end NFT Brokerage run by a few of the most prolific traders in the space with a first class network of buyers and sellers.

Buying & Selling

Our primary focus is assisting our clients in achieving prime execution on their NFT purchases and sales. We utilize our extensive network of relationships and utilize tools inaccessible to most people for accomplishing these trades.

P2P Trading

Swapping multiple NFT's in one trade can be difficult and daunting for investors not constantly submersed in these niche markets. The more complex the trade the greater the chance of evaluation errors. We make sure our clients execute difficult trades with ease while still realizing true value.


We pride ourselves in guiding new buyers through purchases while assuring they find desirable NFT's at comfortable prices. New buyers are often unaware of the intricacies that could have a significant impact on the value of an NFT. Our experience completing hundreds of high tier trades gives us the knowledge to guide even the most inexperienced investors.

Contact Us

If you are interested in acquiring our NFT brokerage services (buying/selling, trading, or guidance) contact us through our twitter or by email. PRIOR to contacting us please make sure you have read and agree to our Terms of Service. We will confirm this before working through any inquiries.

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